• All Sites-$35.00/night/unit/(includes power, water & sewer dump)
  • Tents(kids tent with RV)-FREE
  • Quonset Shelter-$250.00/weekend
  • Firewood-$15.00 a wheel barrow

Permanent Site Rentals (annual with Power & Water - contact site for availability)

Burntstick lake


Burntstick Lake Campground has 75 rustic sites (34 of which are seasonal rentals) located adjacent to the lake with a small beach, playground and boat launch. Great fishing and family campground. 24/7 staff on site with a small convenience store. Potable water is available at the pressurized well and there is a fee dump station. Reservations are available - 403-722-3456

  • Camping- $25/unit/night/
  • Monthly site rental-$475/unit/month/
  • Seasonal rentals-$1650/unit/season
  • Dump station-$15/unit