Aerial view of the 752 West RV-ATV Park campground.

A mountain view from the Burntstick Lake Beach and Boat Launch. Sun, sand, scenery, great fishing, large playground, wildlife watching and a quiet well managed family oriented campsite.

Kids playing on Prairie Creek. Great for swimming, tube floating, fishing and catching some sun.

BurntStick Lake

Burntstick Lake Campground is located approximately 15 km southwest of Caroline with 75 rustic sites located adjacent to the lake. All reservations for Burntstick Lake are booked through 752 West. Contact 403-722-3456

Please contact us for rates of services




There are 16 sites open for camping & reservations. All have power & water services (sewer dump available) and 5 sites have full services.

Sites 1-4, are very large and can accommodate 3 or more units each.

Sites 26- adjacent to the shelter is a very large individual site which can accommodate 2 or 3 units.

Sites 21-25 have power/water/sewer services and can be booked individually or in multiples to accommodate.

Sites 5, 6, 7, 8, 9-11, 15 - 18, 27,29,30,49-71 are occupied by annual clients.